Portfolio Week in LRSD

This week in LRSD, the student portfolios are being reviewed.  This is time set aside by the LRSD in communication with local school administrators and teachers to have the parents attend the schools and review the student’s work so far this school year.  It is meant to be an opportunity to see what your child has been working on in the school and to facilitate communication with home about what topics have been covered.  When parents have specific issues to discuss with the teachers they are encouraged to arrange a one-on-one time with the teacher at a time separate from the portfolio.  Each school has set aside different days and times that they are holding the portfolios so consult your child’s school website to see when they are happening.  If a sign up sheet hasn’t come home, call the school directly to arrange a time to see your child’s portfolio.  When the portfolio experience is led by the student it is a great opportunity for the child and family to connect about what has been happening at school.  Most children enjoy a chance to be the “expert” about school and show their family members what they have been working on.

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