The people of Louis Riel School Division

I had another busy day of meeting some of the residents of the Louis Riel School Division, Ward 2.  Everyday brings me new and interesting people, all of whom are touched by our Public School system in some way.  I met a resident who remembers the days of the one room schools in rural Manitoba.  I also met a parent of a family who recently arrived in Canada and she expressed her pleasure with the experience they have had entering this country and this school system.

I received some very kind words of support from a friend recently who gave me permission to share them.  I thank everyone for all their support and encouragement during my campaign to become  a School Trustee in the Louis Riel School Division.

“I’m so pleased to know that Nancy Cooke is running for School Trustee.  She has exuberance coupled with a “get things done” attitude.   Nancy is a listener and will represent the best interests for a quality education.”      Darlene Derksen, Resident Louis Riel School Division, Ward 2